We are always looking for help to mount our productions. Below is a list of possible positions we may be looking to fill with volunteers. 

Audition Assistant

The audition assistant works closely with the creative team to facilitate the audition process. Duties include distributing audition forms, assisting those auditioning with their audition forms, taking digital photographs, making photocopies, data entry, setting up and tearing down audition rooms/areas. Training is minimal and can be done “on the job”. Auditions generally run 3-4 hours per night and can span a period of two weeks. Musical auditions generally run for three consecutive nights while non musical auditions run for two consecutive nights.

Costume Chief

The costume chief is responsible for obtaining and/or creating costumes for a production, maintaining the costumes, laundering and repairing, and returning the costumes to storage and/or rental facility after the completion of the production. The costume chief will meet with the director to discuss “the look” of the show, the budget, and its costume needs. The costume chief will also meet with the cast to take measurements and schedule fittings. All costumes must be completed by the first dress rehearsal which generally takes place a week before opening night. The hours are flexible; however, there is a production time line that must be followed. The costume chief will also be present to strike the show. The ability to sew is helpful, but not necessary, as most costumes can be pulled from stock, purchased, and/or rented.

Costume Crew

Members of the costume crew will assist the costume chief with any of the above listed duties. Costume crew members are to be present during technical rehearsals and the show run to handle any costume emergencies or special costume preparations. During performances the time commitment is 2-3 hours. Additional hours can be scheduled through the costume chief.


A dresser is a member of the costume crew who helps actors with quick costume changes during a performance. During performances the time commitment is 2-3 hours. Additional hours can be scheduled through the costume chief.

Office Assistant

The office assistant helps in the business office with day to day operations. Duties may include answering the phone, filing, copying, postal assignments, and data entry. There are no prescheduled days and the hours are flexible. Typing and computer skills are preferred.

Prop Chief

The prop chief is in charge of obtaining and/or constructing all props used in a production. A list of props is given to the prop chief by the show’s director. The prop chief is also responsible for presetting props for each performance, assisting the prop crew with stage shifts, cleaning and replenishing consumable props after each performance and organizing prop storage. The time commitment varies depending on the director’s needs, but generally includes one week of rehearsal prior to the show’s opening and the performances in addition to the time it takes to collect the props. The prop chief will also be present to strike the show.

Set Builder

The set builder assists with construction and painting of scenery. Hours and location will vary, some evening and weekend hours may be scheduled. Carpentry and painting skills are helpful; however, all skill levels are welcome.

Sound Board Operator

The sound board operator runs the sound board for a production and checks all sound equipment prior to each performance. The time commitment is two-weeks of rehearsal prior to opening and performances. Learning to operate the sound board can take as little as 20 minutes; however, each show has specific sound effects and sound needs and may require more extensive training. We currently are using Q Labs on our shows at 1316 Cabrillo Ave.

Spotlight Operator

The spotlight operator runs spot lights for a production. This position may require standing for an extended period of time. This position is generally up in the booth above the house seats. The time commitment is one week of rehearsal prior to opening and performances. Training is minimal and can be done during tech week rehearsal.

Assistant Stage Manager

The assistant stage manager assists the entire creative team and helps the stage manager with keeping accurate records of rehearsals, blocking, and production business. The ASM acts as a liaison between actors, crew, production staff, and the director. During the run of the show the ASM assists in all aspects of the production from making sure the cast and crew arrive on time to calling all of the light and sound cues. The time commitment varies depending on the director’s needs. Some directors may require attendance at all rehearsals while others may not. Attendance is required for all technical rehearsals the week before opening and all performances.


Ushers take tickets, distribute playbills, assist with the sale of concession pre-show and during intermission, strike the concession area, and help patrons find their seats. Ushers must report 45 minutes prior to show time and may watch the show for free.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, email us at VOLUNTEER@TorranceTheatreCompany.com