Written by Arthur Miller

Presented by Torrance Theatre Company
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Directed by: Sasha Stewart Miller

Joe Keller, a successful businessman, lives comfortably with his wife, Kate, and son, Chris, in a suburban American neighborhood. They have only one sadness in their lives – the loss of their other son, Larry, who went missing in World War II. After three years, Kate still clings to the hope that her son is alive. When Larry’s former sweetheart arrives, along with her wounded veteran brother, secrets are unearthed and the family descends into a difficult search for the truth.
Arthur Miller exploded onto Broadway in 1947 with his first major work, All My Sons, winning both the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best New Play and the Tony Award for Best Author. The play introduced themes that would preoccupy Miller throughout his enormously successful career: the relationships between fathers and sons and the conflict between business and personal ethics.

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Tuesday: July 25th 7pm

1316 Cabrillo Ave. Torrance, CA 90501

Monday – Thursday 7:00pm–10:30 pm
Potential Saturdays (as needed) 11:00 am–3:00 pm
Beginning the week of August 7th.

September 16th - October 15th. Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm.
Thursday, October 12th at 8 pm with a talk back afterwards.

Joe Keller - nearing sixty, a proud man who has a solid mind and build. He has been a
business man for many years, but has an imprint of the machine-shop worker and boss still upon him. He is a prosperous family man whose world does not extend beyond the borders of his front yard. He is married to Kate and has two sons, Chris and Larry, and is the protagonist of the story.

Kate Keller- a woman in her early 50's, who has a never-ending love and devotion to her family. She is the wife of Joe Keller and a mother of her two sons, Chris and Larry. Even though her son Larry has been missing for three years, she still believes he is alive and waits for his return.

Ann Deever - mid-twenties, she is very beautiful, intelligent, and “girl-next- door” charming. She used to live in the same town as the Kellers, but now lives in New York. She is gentle but holds resolutely on to what she knows. She was once Larry Keller’s girlfriend, but is now Chris’ love interest. She is determined to find out if her father is innocent.

George Deever - early thirties, the brother of Ann and the son of Joe’s former business partner. A highly respected lawyer who now lives in New York, he believes that Joe is guilty for the deaths of several pilots during the war, and that his father is innocent.

Dr. Jim Bayliss - late thirties to mid-forties, married to Sue Bayliss and is the next door neighbor of the Kellers. The neighborhood doctor, Jim is a good man who believes in the duty of one man to help another, but he at the same time acknowledges a man's responsibility to his family. He is interested in medicine not for the money, but to help people.

Sue Bayliss - late thirties to mid-forties, the wife of Jim Bayliss. She put her husband through medical school and expects more than gratitude in return. She blames Chris's infectious, insinuating idealism for her husband's interest in the fiscally unrewarding field of medical research.

Frank Lubey – early thirties, a pleasant neighbor to the Kellers who enjoys speaking his opinions on several things, yet is very uncertain of himself. He is very intelligent and enjoys writing horoscopes. He was always a year ahead of the draft, and is married to Lydia Lubey; they have three children together.

Lydia Lubey – late twenties, she is a robust, laughing, beautiful girl, that is great with cosmetics and hair. She is a former sweetheart of George’s, but is now married to Frank Lubey and is a mother of three.

Bert – eight to ten years old, a neighbor child who lives on the Kellers’ street. He has an exquisite imagination and is very energetic. He enjoys playing cop games with Mr. Keller and loves being in charge of things.

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