Torrance Theatre Company, with the assistance of the Friends of Torrance Theatre Company board, is always looking for ways to work with a variety of groups, to create theater-based programming that helps enrichment our community and bring people together in new and exciting ways!

ttc & our pals

In 2017 the Friends of TTC Outreach Chairperson, Loren Gould, brought together actors from the TTC family and members of the Torrance PALS program for a series of theater workshops. PALS (People Actively Learning and Sharing) is a social club for individuals 13 years old and over with intellectual disabilities that offers dances, social activities, a quarterly newsletter, and more! The TTC/PALS group convened at the Wilson Park Amphitheater two Mondays in July to explore theater games, and improv exercises to build confidence, break down barriers, make friends and learn something new.

The FOTTC also invited their PALS to attend a dress rehearsal for the annual summer musical at the Armstrong Theatre. Once there the group discussed theatre etiquette, and the rehearsal process for the show, before they got a sneak peek of SISTER ACT.

We are excited to announce the TTC/PALS group was at Wilson Park again in the summer of 2018 to celebrate another year of fun and friendship. The FOTTC is also looking into a variety of additional programs which can be developed with our PALS. 

PALS is a program of the Recreation Services Division of the Torrance Community Services Department. For more on PALS and other City-sponsored Special Needs Programming, click here

Loren Gould, Outreach Chairperson

“So many smiles were shared and sweet connections made all while creativity was in action. Truly the perfect expression of theatre. As FOTTC's Outreach Board member I had the honor to ask some of my talented theatre friends to come play with Torrance PALS members. We could not have done this without the support of Gia Jordahl. Thank you all!! Can't wait to do it again."

Loren Gould, Outreach Chairperson



Over the years the Torrance Theatre Company, with the assistance of the Friends of TTC board, has welcomed High School Students from various communities to attend performances and talk-backs with our TTC performers. We understand that inspiring young people through the medium of theatre is one of the most important things we can do. We also hope that in the process of exposing these students to great material on the stage, that we are nurturing the next generation of performers and technicians. 

We also work with a variety of high school theatre tech departments to offer opportunities for aspiring technicians to work outside of the academic setting, and gain experience in different theaters, while working with theatre professionals from all over Southern California.

For more info on how to get your students involved with the Torrance Theatre Company, please contact us at


Students from Compton High School attend a performance of 12 ANGRY MEN at 1316 Cabrillo Ave., followed by a talk-back with the actors, theatre games, pizza, and photos with the cast.