The Torrance Theatre Company  has several volunteer internships available this year. If you are interested in getting involved with the company in any of the following positions, please email Gia Inferrera-Jordahl at GInferrera@TorranceCA.Gov with your resume and cover letter, and what position you are interested in.

ALL Volunteers with the Torrance Theatre Company are processed through the City of Torrance Volunteer program, which includes filling out an application and getting finger printed, for which there is no cost to the volunteer.

Volunteer positions will be recognized in the printed programs with a bio and headshot.

Costume Crew

Members of the costume crew will assist the Costume Designer, Bradley Allen Lock, with any of the following duties: assisting in obtaining and/or creating costumes for a production, maintaining the costumes, laundering and repairing, and returning the costumes to storage and/or rental facility after the completion of the production. The ability to sew is helpful, although most costumes can be pulled from stock, purchased, and/or rented; there may be the need for alterations and/repairs. Costume crew members are to be present during intial costume measurements, costume fittings, technical rehearsals and the show run to handle any costume emergencies or special costume preparations. During performances the time commitment is approximately 3 hours. The costume crew will be used for the strike of the show.

Wig/Hair Crew

Members of the wig/hair crew will work directly with the Wig Master, Michael Aldapa, and assist with the maintenance and usage of the wigs for the show. This may include upkeep and styling maintenance of wigs, assisting cast members in and out of their wigs during the performance, assisting the cast members with the styling of their hair for the performances. Wig/Hair crew members are to be present during initial wig fittings, technical rehearsal and the show run to handle any wig/hair needs. During performances, the time commitment is approximately 3 hours. The wig/hair crew will be used for the strike of the show.


A dresser is a member of the costume crew who helps actors with quick costume changes during a performance. Dressers will need to attend all technical rehearsals, and performances. During performances the time commitment is approximately 3 hours. Additional hours can be scheduled through the costume chief.

Production Assistant- Administrative

The office assistant helps in the business office with day to day operations. This position will work hand-in-hand with the producing Artistic Director. Duties may include answering the phone, filing, copying, postal assignments, and data entry. There are no prescheduled days and the hours are flexible. Typing and computer skills are preferred.

Prop Master

The prop master is in charge of obtaining and/or constructing all props used in a production, and will work closely with the Artistic Director, and Technical Director, Cary Jordahl. A list of props is given to the prop master by the show’s director and/or producer. The prop master is also responsible for presetting props for each performance, assisting the crew with stage shifts, cleaning and replenishing consumable props after each performance and organizing prop storage. The time commitment varies depending on the director’s needs, but all technical rehearsals and the performances, in addition to the time it takes to collect the props, potential rehearsal prop procurement, and production meetings with the team as needed. The prop master will also be present to strike the show.

Running Crew

Running crew are used on stage during technical rehearsals and performances to move the scenic elements as needed during the course of the show. The crew will work closely with the production stage manager, the in-house crew at the James Armstrong Theater, and TTC Technical Director, Cary Jordahl. Running crew must wear all black, attend all technical rehearsals, and performances. Running crew assistance will also be needed on load-in and load-out of the show into the theatre.

Marketing and Social Media

Looking for folks who love to spread the word... we need people who LOVE social media to assist in our social media sites, and help nurture and develop our digital presence and patron pool. We also need people who can BEAT THE STREET and get our flyers and posters out into the community. Whether it's blogging about the process, handing our flyers at Farmers Markets, or helping with press releases, we can always use a hand.